TJM 3/8" Nexgen Gator-Jaw Pro Soft Shackle

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Vehicle recovery is an important and potentially hazardous part of four-wheel driving, but you can make it simple and safe with a TJM Soft Shackle NexGen Pro.
Weaved from 12 strand High Modulus Polyethylene (HMPE) rope, the TJM Soft Shackle NexGen Pro’s rated breaking strength of 21.3T (47,000lb) means you can recover your 4x4 with confidence. Synthetic rope shackles are lightweight, flexible and highly functional; their soft, one-piece construction allows them to fit around difficult pulling points and requires no pin-fastening. Meanwhile, every TJM Soft Shackle NexGen Pro is vinyl coated for UV and fibre locking protection, and each one has an epoxy rubber slider that makes a strong closed connector during recovery.

• Construction: 12 strand High Modulus Polyethylene rope
• Rated breaking strength: 21,318kg (47,000lb)
• Rope diameter: 9mm
• Maximum bow width: 15cm
• Weight: 185 grams